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Solstice Paddle Level 2


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The Level 2 paddle will be like last year - but hopefully without last year's weather-provided drama!

We will leave Riverhead beach soon after the other groups and then take a nice paddle around Fort Sewall and then duck into Dolliber Cove where there is a nice beach to stop, have some lunch, play in the water - maybe even some learnin' will occur (your choice!) and then paddle back.

The length of the paddle is about 4 nautical miles total and is almost all in protected water.

This paddle is suitable for beginners and those that just want to have a nice leisurely paddle. But that doesn't mean we don't expect everyone to wear the proper clothes and to bring the necessary gear including your PFD.

We expect a larger "pod" this year - last year we had 20 going to the cove and almost 25 coming back. Therefore, we are looking for other people that would like to lend a hand in any aspect such as safety paddlers, beach briefing talkers, or any experienced paddlers that want to "pay it forward". (How about some of you newly-minted CAM Leadership grads?)

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Unfortunately, I have to back out of this trip due to an abscess in my left cornea. Seems that a new pair of contacts didn't agree with my eyes. It is getting better, but looks like it's going to take some time before all is well. Have fun all.

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