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Choppy water practice/surf launching locations


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In my quest to continue to gain balance in the ocean with a surfski, searching out places where there's a gentle slope with breaking surf with minimal beach-goers as well as coves/harbors that offer access/parking.

Gotten familiar with some places south of Boston that I've practiced at (Ned's Point, Duxbury Bay, Cape Cod Bay) in conditions where I would be blown back to shore if I got into trouble, and conditions were of the 2 foot, steeply sided/close together/whitecap variety.

Just looking for places north of Boston that offers similar conditions, as well as the possibility of an area offering gentle breakers to work on surf launching.

Also doesn't have to be ocean... Need to familiarize myself with lakes north of Boston that with the right wind direction, offer up some good chop.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.



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Nahant (Long Beach), Lynn Beach, Swampscott (Kings Beach) all have nice sloping sandy beaches with gentle surf.

I'll be wanting to demo some playboats (Vaag, Atlantic LV, maybe an Excite if I can find one) in some predictable surf later this month too.


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