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Boston Outer Harbor in August!


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Hello New England Sea Kayakers

I am an ex New England resident, now living in Georgia and paddle in the ocean here where the water is warm. I also paddle whitewater, which isn't warm!

I will be coming up to New England to visit friends during the first week of August and would like to find some people to paddle with. I'll either be bringing my Romany or my Explorer, I'm not really sure which - both might be overkill!

When I lived in Winthrop I used to watch the sea kayakers out in the harbor paddling around the islands and wished that could be me. Now hopefully it can.

I am currently BCU two star and should have my three star assessment by then, I've been working on the training, so I'm pretty good out in conditions. We have some fun stuff in Tybee in the Triangle.

I'd like to meet some folks to paddle with. Anyone interested? Post here!

Also, any suggestions as to what to bring clothing/gear wise that is recommended for the harbor would be great! I don't think I need my drysuit, hopefully. Not in August.

I'll also be looking for trips on the Chesapeake on my way home...



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I would recommend a wet suit, you might be warm while dry but we try to dress for immersion and the water is never that warm. You are also probably used to warmer water temperatures in general. A paddle jacket or similar removable layer is good to have in case you hit a cool day. That said the harbour and surrounding waters tend to be at their best behaviour during the summer. As a non-member you will need a member to post a trip on the trips board.

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