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CAM Paddling Trips Workshop - Trips Scenarios


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(This is from two week's ago indoors CAM workshop. Better late than never, right?)

Our problem was how to deal with a slow paddler.

The issues a slow paddler can cause are

- Causing the group to not get to the goal or not get back

- Loosing the slow paddler

- Inability to make headway against current or wind

- Group friction

- Not getting back before dark or bad weather arrive

The solutions we came up with were

- see if there is a physical reason that can be fixed either with the paddler (eg hunger) or with their equipment

- send the slow paddler back to the put-in with an escort

- tow the slow paddler

- change the scope of the trip

- put the slow person in the front of the group setting the pace so they don't get left behind

- split the group up into a fast group and a slow group

- be very specific in the trip announcement about the pace of the trip

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