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Clocked at 14 mp/h Yesterday


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Yesterday we put in at 5PM Eastern Prom in Portland Maine for a short 3 hours on the water. The wind appeared very calm but when we pushed off and my wife unfurled the sail 'Windpaddle' we seem to have caught a good one because we flew across the bat to Mackworth island in a few minutes. :D

Even thought the sea looked dead calm when we put in we were able to catch some wave action on the flight to Mackworth island and surf some of them too.

Needless to say that I loved it and my wife (who isn't used to waves yet) thought about staying on the beach and not paddling anymore.

After a few moments of rest we got back into the boat and paddled well into the wind, made decent progress and actually enjoyed it. At least she enjoyed 50% of the trip.

When I looked at my GPS it said that our top speed was 14 miles per hour. :lol:

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