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Manchester Mayday


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Five went for a nice, leisurely, meandering paddle in the bay with a pleasant lunch at Children's Island. Seas were rippled glass with the occasional mirror. Pix here, trace here (though Google Maps seems a little rickety today). Lots of seals on the Dry Breakers. A great way to warm up the winter-chilled muscles!

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This paddle was a really fine season-opener for me, as I had been mulling about still in winter mode. I couldn't count the 40+ seals we perhaps too brazenly disturbed after our lunch. The mild conditions and long-sought cameraderie (I'll stick with the french) resulted in my toggling between the casual duo and the stallionesque leader pair, with the result that I was remiss in announcing that I was going around the RIGHT (east) side of House upon our return, given my easterly position, simultaneous with the leader pair coming up the LEFT (west) side. From both our vantages each looks the shorter distance too. I expected to see Leon and Lisa alongside me as I curved back after House, but low and behold, no-one there.

I took a breather and awaited the remaining 4 together, learning (see Lisa's TRACE) that L&L had doubled back when not seeing me behind them (perhaps to rejoin the casual duo as well wondering my whereabouts), and then headed up the right side of House to find me.

My mistake was of course to NOT yell over to L&L initially to indicate my easterly path 'round House, thinking that we'd soon be together again anyway as our pace was fairly quick in very mild conditions, and very near our put-in (Tuck's); as well Rob and Gene were tailing not too far behind, but perhaps still NOT cognizant of my error until the foursome regrouped.

It's too easy to dismiss my faux pas as the mellowness of the paddle, experience level of all involved, conditions, proximity to put-in, etc. combine to deem this "no big deal".

Yet Lisa's trace serves as a permanent reminder of how my laissez-faire level was set too casually for what I expect of myself as a member of a CAM community.

Fodder for the workshop discussions Saturday indeed... hope to see many of you then.

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Nice pics Lisa.

I forgot to mention that all the good pix (21 - 31) were Leon's, which I appropriated without permission from his email. Sorry, Schtarker, didn't mean to stiff you the credits.

I missed you guys, too. That is, I would have rather been paddling in Manchester yesterday than messing around in "real life" here at home...


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