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Sorry to start an additional tread, but we have a smaller than usual RSVP list so far for the "5th Annual New to Sea Kayaking Workshop". We always double our turn-out during the last two weeks but only with your help. To repeat, "just mention the workshop to friends, colleagues, spin class members, the person next to you at a kayak shop who seems like a beginner, the police officer who pulls you over for not having a white flag on the end of your 28 foot ocean crossing sea kayak, etc. Or print out and post the flyer, or email a friend the material below.

If they will give you their email, let me know and I will contact them. Or, point them towards our web site or flyers.


5th Annual New to Sea Kayaking Workshop

Interested in learning about Sea Kayaking? Need advice on getting started? Looking for others to kayak with? Wondering which type of kayak is right for you?

Don't miss NSPN’s 5th annual New to Sea Kayaking Workshop! Learn what equipment you'll need! Learn about safety. Find out what a beginner's trip is like. Plan future adventures! Discover places that offer classes! Mingle with new and experienced fellow kayakers!

The North Shore Paddlers Network (www.nspn.org) is a friendly, non-profit network of paddlers mainly from Eastern Massachusetts. Our members range from casual paddlers to racers, pure beginners to experts, day-trippers to expedition adventurers.

Overview: How to choose equipment: kayaks, paddles, clothing and additional equipment. Overview of skills, training and what to expect. Locating and experiencing initial on-water training. Open discussion and questions welcome! A great chance to meet new kayaking friends!

Where: The Gould Barn, Topsfield, MA

When: Sunday, May 2nd, 2010, 9 am – 1:00 pm

Fee: Free & open to the public!

More info: http://www.nspn.org/forum/index.php?act=ca...;m=5&y=2010

Register or send questions to: kayakclass@verizon.net (Al Coons)


Thanks so much,

The New to Sea Kayaking Workshop presenters.


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Hi Al-

I've pointed about 5 direct responses from the MIT outing club paddling list to the thread. I can forward them your emails if desired.


That would be great Phil. Thanks so much for helping out. Use the kayakclass@verizon.net email please.


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