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Kayak heaven for rent (Portsmouth NH)


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We are going to be moving out of our rental by the end of March and our (great) landlord is starting to look for new tenants so anyone interested in moving to the Portsmouth NH area and to a place with a 24hr launch site at the end of the garden should get in touch.

It really is a spectacular spot for kayaking. It is right on the main river channel but there is a superb eddy that provides a pool to paddle at any tide. There are enough eddies to get back to the house from the ocean even in the biggest tide. We will really miss that aspect of the place - unless we get one of you lot to move in.... B).

Here are some photos of a paddle from the house. There are some pictures of the garden at the end. For what it is the rent is pretty reasonable.

Anyway, if you or anyone you know might be interested get in touch. It would be sad to let it go to a landlubber.


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Great to hear you're finally moving...and that you're still around. Haven't heard from y'all this year. I see someone has a great looking new studio down by the water...or is that a boat shed?


Hope the studio looks OK from your place. We tried to make it blend in. I might try the 'boat shed' line on Janaki and see how she reacts. I will stand well back..... :kboom:


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