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RISK session coming!


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This is from Senior W. Rich on nesurfkayakers.com since Mike Simpson is out in Hawaii playing in that surf....

NE Surfkayakers forum

Good morning to you all!! I thought I would give everyone a little update on RISK while you are sitting at work to give you something to look forward too and hopefully clear up any questions there are.

First and foremost I want to state that the RISK session is NOT sanctioned by any organization, including the ACA (American canoe association) or ESKA (eastern surf kayaking association). The organizers of this event hold no liability for the participants and everyone will be taking full responsibility for themselves. Kayaking and surfing, particularly surfing in a kayak, in the middle of winter, can be dangerous and participants should take all the precautions necessary to ensure their own safety. Anyone participating in this event is doing so at their own RISK.

As I stated in the last post, this year will be slightly different then prior years’ sessions. In the past months over the summer and spring there has been talk of getting a contest to the northeast, so that is what we are doing, on an informal basis. People who want to participate in this can, and those that don’t can just go surf. No pressure. There will be some prizes handed out to the winners . The rest of the details for the contest will be presented on the day of. For now just know that we are thinking about having a surf specific category and a surf what you got category.

There will be a brunch/lunch break at some point for folks to reconvene, socialize, warm up and if you’re into that we will be collecting some funds for the food. I still haven’t come up with a figure for that, in past years I think it was $5 or $10. So run with that number. After lunch we’ll just all surf.

One new idea brought to the table this year was to give back to the community. With this idea I did some research to see what kind of organizations were out there and I decided I wanted to go local. I got word that the Nature Conservancy of Little Compton would be renovating the shack on Southshore Beach and I thought that was a perfect fit being that we will be using and have used Southshore in the past. Also, I think it is so important to educate others, particularly the youth about nature and the ecology of where we live. The South Coast has so much going on in terms of the environment and to gather support and give knowledge to the public is huge I think. So we will be collecting donations for that.

In past years we have been able to have some sort of give away or raffle drawing during the day due to the generosity of businesses and individuals. As of right now we lack the sponorship to continue that. If anyone can or wants to help and contribute things for this please let me know and I am sure everyone will greatly appreciate it.

Remember we are shooting for the last three weekends in February (13/14, 20/21, 27/28), As in the past we will be monitoring the surf forecast for the upcoming weekend and make the call sometime during the week. Until then get out and enjoy the sunshine we’ve been getting and get your gear ready. I know I personally have already had a handful of great days on the water this year between surf and putting miles behind me on my stand up paddleboard. Any questions do not hesitate to contact me at williamarich@gmail.com. Thanks guys and PRAY FOR SURF.

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