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The winners of our yearly awards!


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At the Holiday party, the winners of our yearly awards were announced:

Founders Award: Chris Mabon

"The Founders Award is given to the person deemed by the members of the club to have done the most to keep the NSPN spirit alive by giving of themselves to better the club, in ways that may not always be visible."

Paddler of the Year Award:Rob Hazard

"The Paddler of the Year award is given to the person who made the greatest contributions to benefit the club's membership."

Traverso Award: Scott LaFrance

"The Traverso Award goes to the member who has shown the most improvement through taking a "never quit†attitude in the last year. This Award is supported by a memorial gift in honor of Jim Traverso, a member who lost his life on the Sun Kosi River in Nepal in 1999. Jim was a dedicated teacher, guide, adventurer, and lover of the outdoors. "

Congratulations, Chris, Rob and Scott! Your awards were richly deserved.

School of Hard Knocks Award: Lisa Huntington

(she drove her car into her garage with her kayak on top)

congratulations(?!) ,Lisa!

Happy Holidatys to all.

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