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Sat Dec 5th Cape Porpoise


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Rene Braun (Brambor) posted a trip for Cape Porpoise. It happened that Emilie was picking up her shiny new dry suit about 10 minutes from his proposed launch point so we decided to join him. It was overcast with a little wind, but otherwise a nice day for paddling. Rene's son came along also. Emilie and I poked our noses out to the exposed waters a little. There were some waves, but almost nothing sufficiently well formed to surf. There was a little snow in the air during our return to the launch point. ...and quite a bit of snow during the NSPN Christmas Party.


Thanks Rene! We had a great time.



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It was pretty much as advertised. Not much distance with some island hopping (gotta get the 11 year old kid into this gradually) but I hope you had fun playing in the waves and rocks. On the paddle back it started snowing...ain't drysuits fun? :D

photos will follow.

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I wish I could have made it to the party. I drove with the kayaks all the way to MA to watch my older son's hockey game and by the time it finished and he got out of the rink I had to feed him too ... well it was too late to contemplate additional fun snowstorm driving. We got home at 10PM.

575/4162164461_7c1c1b710e_b.jpg"]Red Greenlander

Tyson In Wave

TiW is a brilliant set! Bravo to you folks to get out there for a pre-Party!

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Great "Brain Freeze" shots of Tyson. Ouch!

I was actually quite comfortable. I was wearing a Kokatat Surfskin Skull Cap under a Surfskin Balaclava. With that combination I remained warm and didn't even have water filling my ears.

I like the contemplative navigating shot of him approaching and avoiding the rocks.

Someday when we are having drinks I might admit to the rest of the details.


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The Anas Acuta is kind of high volume ...

True, very true. Not that it seems to have hindered you in any way.

In a Tahe Greenland, you would be doing elbow if not straight jacket rolls in minutes me thinks.

Ed Lawson

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