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I wish I were paddling today...


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What a great early December day this is!

I saw a few trips posted, and wish that I was along, but am office- bound. Damn.

For those who are out there today, i'll try to control my feelings of envy, as it's the only deadly sin that provides no gratification while indulging in it, and wish you all well.

Please post trip reports!

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Well it's time to go home, get the boats ready for tomorrow morning. Life is good.


my sentiments exactly. I did so many conference calls today the battery in my wireless handset went dead.


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To help encourage for future trips.... saw a Bald Eagle today down in Plum Island Sound.

Hopefully that should mean they are coming back in the area for the winter, so you'll have more chances to see them. Same should be true for Great Bay.

(No pictures or trip report but I did talk to myself considerably ... 19 miles)

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