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James Bay ?


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I'm wondering if anyone has been up paddling, or knows anyone who's paddled, James Bay or parts of Hudson Bay? (not really thinking in terms of Churchill yet but more the southern /eastern area).

This next season I realize I'll be "not so far" from there when paddling some interior waters of Quebec.

I have heard or read of reports of trips lasting about 3 weeks or so that some groups take with younger folks part of outdoor awarness kind of trips for younger adults or teenages.

Not that I would be interested in going that route, but then again, maybe I could make myself useful and learn my way around at the same time.

Cabonga Reservior, part of Reserve Verendrye, is where next years paddling hopes to be (1st for me paddling with the possibilitie of wolves around)...which leads of dreams of paddling further north. Perhaps smarter to paddle the "Bay' to escape the black flies ?

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I'd be curious to hear what you find out. I looked into it a while back, and it seemed like there were a lot of very broad tidal flats, but that's as far as a got.

I, too, canoed some of Northern Quebec. This was when I was 14 - up the Temiscamie River, crossing the divide and down the Mistassini River. The black flies were murder.

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I'm thinking Sept would be the optimal month sans flies or skeeters....wondering if the season can be pushed into August or if there is any "window of opportunity" in the spring (though doubtfull).

Also wondering if the Islands in James Bay might be mostly bug free as the islands of the Mingans are...looks like I have my "homework" cut out for me...

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