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School of Hard Knocks Award

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  • 3 weeks later...

Last year we got so many great suggestions for this fun award...


surely there were some great mishaps this last paddling season! Come on guys, don't let this award retire after only two years!!

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QUOTE(Kevin B @ Oct 26 2009, 03:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Please see the new topic in the business section:


I nominate Lisa Huntington. In her own words:

“After a tragic accident involving a full carbon kayak and a garage door, I find myself looking for someplace that can do a repair, possibly involving a patch. Does anyone know of a good place? I live near Concord, MA, but probably anywhere on the Mass or NH coast would do, or even RI or southern ME.

The wound (hull, where it was strapped to the stern J-rack) is about 3" long with a little "Y" shape, and just breaks through to the inside. (The bow, which made the most contact, was barely scratched.) There are a couple of other quarter-sized vinylester gelcoat issues. But man, you should see the garage door!â€

“… I wish I could blame it on the garage door. Unfortunately, I have to blame it on the idiot in the driver's seat, who tried to autopilot into the garage with the boat on top (the door doesn't open quite all the way up, so it made the first contact). I gave the garage door its own workup of splints and patches, for a total cost of $20. Needless to say, the boat was much more expensive, but still under our homeowner's deductible. Oh, well.â€

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