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Rough Water Training


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As a participant in this past weekends rough water training in CT I can vouch for the great experience obtained in working with coaches that through their knowledge and experience can up your confidence and skills in dealing with 'conditions'. Although feeling a mite intimidated that first morning while heading out to Napatree Point, the local coaches and paddlers 'local knowledge' of the area gave us a a place to work on skills in wind and surfing without fear of being blown out to sea. For me, the opportunity to paddle in conditions with folks that knew the area, knew areas that offered a bit of a lee out of the wind or pointed out the eddies that I could get into in order to rest or get my wits about me, gave me much better confidence when these conditions might arise unsuspectedly.

Although the forecast was for gale winds, the coaches knew where we could surf in a tide race that was not over the top, and for a newbie to the tide race experience, gave me the opportunity and hence some confidence in at least trying to paddle onto that illustrious wave. At some point, if it is on your agenda to get out there and surf a tide race like some of the 'This is the Sea' video we have all been enamored with (I certainly have) than going out with folks that do this regularly, know the area and know how to execute rescues should something go awry is a must! The key is to hook up with experienced paddlers or coaches, attending symposiums like the New England Intermediate Rough Water in June, 2010 is a great venue for seeking out what you are looking for in bumping up your paddling skills and getting acquainted with folks.

When coaching or a slew of amazing 5* paddlers are not readily available, than finding somewhat protected areas that still offer wind and seas (or at least wind waves) to practice strokes and rescues is a great opportunity. I can't say enough praise for the great coaching I received through Kayakwaveology this past weekend. And I guess I am even thankful for mother nature's contribution because I did indeed receive 'Rough Water Training'.

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