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The Magnificent Seven (and Adam)


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Following a multiple-ring circus of communiques the Magnificent Seven (Bob B, David L, Gene C, Karen G, Barry M, Leon and I) finally formed up from multiple locations in Manchester; destination opts ranged from very local play to a heroic Straitsmouth RT (30+ mi?!), provoking a range of responses from jaw-drop through raised eyebrow bemusement to salivation (hi Leon!).

Rain threats resulted in a more conventional start around Baker's to seal-play amidst the Breakers, Bob managing to find what play could be wrought from the light chop and smallish rollers. We leisurely lunched around the stony back of Children's as we awaited Adam's arrival; memories of hot tea-making (harrumph) through the chill but light wind

will linger....

Now more resembling Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs we ambled off, somewhat strewn about. Temps moderated as the sun finally broke through, resulting in another landing and eventual take-over the Miseries by the lingering half, as the need to read the NYT in the afternoon's warmth wasn't even thwarted by the isle's mosquitos. Half of us chose to return, at least me fully cognizant that the Sunday crossword is better left to my wife.

All in all a fun, satisfying but very leisurely paddle, replete with video and pics, proving that high speeds and heroics have their place...on another paddle! (Wait 'til you see Barry's trace and our "spirited" average pace.) The Magnificent Seven (plus Adam!) indeed.

Hope to see y'all soon.

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It was a day without the usual spills and chills and even the weather was somewhat dreary. The saving grace was the good humor and bonhomie amongst our selves and this was there in abundance. A most delightful day!

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