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Oct. 24 Cheri Peri at Walden Pond


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(edited to note that the participant/mentor ratio has been changed to 3/1)

The following information has been added to the calendar.

October 24 -Walden Pond- Cheri Peri and the Walden Qajaq Society



(see put in's for directions [http://www.nspn.org/play-put-ins.html])

Walden Pond - We will meet over at the pond for an opportunity to work in the water with Cheri and others. This free event is open to all to come and watch but if you want to be in the water, you will need to RSVP to Linda Shelburne at capewavedancer at yahoo dot com.


This will be limited to 3 participants per instructor/mentor and total numbers depend on how many volunteers there are. Currently 15 people will be accepted. There is no charge for this event and the Walden Qajaq Society - AKA Pond Scum will not accept donations for this.

Things to keep in mind: Water is starting to cool off but still plenty warm enough if you dress for it. Dry suits are a great idea if you have them but if not, a wet suit with a dry top works too. Last year I practiced in a wetsuit with layers and a paddling jacket until Thanksgiving as I didn't yet have a dry suit. Never hurts to have gloves and a hood and a hat. Goggles and nose plugs or a divers mask that covers both can be handy. I like ear plugs when the water is cool to keep from getting the cold water in my ear as it makes me dizzy.

Bring lots of warm clothes to change into and a big jacket that is windproof. Don't forget your lunch and a thermos of hot drink is especially nice.

Note that I will be out of town between October 14-22. E-mail me prior if you have any questions about this. Suzanne dot pritchett at comcast dot net


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If you want to learn how to roll, explore a new way of rolling, or just find new ways of feeling comfortable and "at one" with your kayak, take advantage of this opportunity! The Greenland paddle is a wonderful tool for turning the frustration of trying to muscle through a roll into a relaxed, fluid movement.

The Walden "Pond Scum" are a group of dedicated Greenland-style paddlers who have developed a method of teaching those who have just started kayking into their first balance brace and roll in one short session. No guarantees, but you will definitely have a good experience!

Cheri Perry did not only attend the Greenland Championships this year, she was the highest scoring woman in the rolling competition and had the fouth highest score over all...including the Greenlandic men! That is an awesome accomplishment.

Hope to see some of you lucky folks at Walden Pond...


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Roger -

e-mail to Linda your details - name, emergency contact name/number, ACA# and boat description and she will put you on the list for Sunday - on the water.

Just show up at the slide show and bring your family!


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If you have previously signed up, but change your mind, please let me know! And if you want to be on the list, please contact me at capewavedancer at yahoo dot com.

The Oct 23rd pool demo is open to all!


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Unfortunately I can't be a mentor this year, but as a dedicated piece of Pond Scum, I'll try to be there for an hour or two to encourage and spot, and maybe take a little video footage of the apparently incomparable Cheri, whom I look forward to meeting.


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