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Any interest in Lobsta Paddle 9/12?


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I have not done this for a few years but, if there is interest, am willing to re-activate:

I can get lobsters at the "boat price" from a neighbor. You tell me how many you want - which is a commitment to pay for it - and I place the order.

People paddle out of Lane's Cove, say Noon to 4:00 PM, then come to my place .8 mile away. (Need to leave most cars at the cove as parking is limited.)

People bring the fixings (corn, cole slaw, baked beans, etc.) or whatever they want to eat other than lobsters, and beverages.

I provide: lobster cooker, corn cooker, cutlery, dishes, ice, etc.

If it looks like a big crowd it would be nice to have someone come over in the morning to help set up.

Post interest here so I can get a reading. Will make a go/no go decision by Friday, 9/4.


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Hi Liz,

You indeed named Ellen's favorite crustacean, so she and I will be glad to come up early to help prep. I suspect she'll want to bring her stellar slaw, too...and maybe baked beans if the weather's cooler.


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