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Lane's Cove Saturday 8/22/09


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Leon and I on a day when Bill's effects should have been minor set out from Lanes and headed toward the Annasquam into a 10K southerly wind. Reaching just off Wingaersheek there were some nice rollers which we couldn't stay on due to the wind in our face. Heading west alongside Coffin we got a push from the wind and entered Essex Bay and the Castle River. Coming back we both hit what was either a Tiderace or rip in the middle of the Bay which provided a bumpy confused ride. Breaking rollers were coming in from the North even though we were at high tide and the sand bar normally settles down then. Against the wind and over to Davis Cove for some fun rescue practice and then riding the following sea and wind back to Lanes. However not before noticing that some pretty strong breaking rollers were coming toward Plum Cove and breaking before the rocks. They looked like 4 footers. Initially they seemed to be breaking far enough out for me to paddle in front of them with impunity. Just then I realized a big one was breaking maybe 30 feet from me. Quickly I dismissed bracing into the whitewater for fear I would be slid into the rocks, instead I executed a quick 90 and met the breaker head on, lowering my body toward the deck and positioning my paddle like a spear. Whew, it worked, I only read about this and was glad it worked well, nothing more than a dunking from chest to head. All in all a very exciting day on the water. Thank you Bill.

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