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think evo surfski....session 2

rick stoehrer

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yeah....launched at pavillion and headed down towards annisquam against tide and wind and easily made 4+ knots....stopped at end of cranes and just FLEW back at well over 6 knots with bursts to ?

no real swell to ride that we'd a noticed in sea kayaks....not too much for the ski to work with, nevertheless...zoom city.

i am still astounded that for the effort that i'd put forth to get 3.5 - 4 knots out of an explorer, i'm getting an easy 6 knots out of a 'ski. seriously, these things fly through the water.

played in the little bump offa plum on the incoming tide....some were MAYBE a foot, beam on, etc....you can't really brace as we do in sea boats but you can brace and you can certainly scull over there as the swell comes rolling in....and you can turn and catch ANYTHING and race right along with it, surpassing it and then link up with the next and right it....repeat.

if you could pack ANYTHING IN the boat, i think you'd have the perfect point to point, lets hurry up and get there boat.

noticed couple things....didn't wear the pfd and it really helped rotation and my stroke. moved the pedals back and jammed my heals in pretty good....HUGE improvement over my comfort level in the boat...could really push with my heals/mid foot and get my butt back in the bucket and it made for far greater fit/comfort/control.

still enormo fun and still vast amounts to learn if i were to ever paddle one consistently.....in the meantime, fell off twice and remounted solo once in a bit of bump...wasn't as hard as i thought it might be.

if you haven't tried it, try it. it IS NOT sea kayaking...this is an entirely different sport with different gear, different skills and a completely different culture. and it's a lot of fun!

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