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OK, OK, OK...so I erred, Professor Higgins (aka Lewis). Yes, sometimes I <do> (err) -- quite often, actually -- and I have never claimed to be perfect in ANYthing! I really do love our native language (for most of us -- kaaskoppen asides!) and acknowledge that I tend to be intolerant of basic, simple syntax mistakes; but I hope that does not make me the villain-of-the-day?

I do not use any form of spell-check (I thought that for wimps?) and so the <occasional> spelling error may creep in; but I do feel certain you will never find me splitting my infinitives or starting my sentences with conjunctions, unlike seemingly-every NPR reporter or presenter (now, <there's> a crime!)

In penance, I promise to crawl the length of my kayak on my knees, beating my brow without cease, crying "Mea culpa, misericordia! Mea culpa, misericordia!" the while...do you think that would appease the gods of grammar?

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