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NO WAKE Mystic River and Mystic lakes. Write to your representitives!


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Did you know that all of the mystic river is a no wake zone? Law prohibits a wake within 150' of the shore.

Did you know ALL of Upper and Lower Mystic lakes are No Wake zones?

Isn't sad that the natural habitats along these shore lines is being destroyed by boaters and jet skiers who don't car about the law, the environment or the paddlers and swimmers trying to enjoy these waters.

Isn't sad that the authorities don't care!

I tried the Arlington police, they said call the Medford Boat club.

I tried the Medford Boat club harbormaster, he said call the state police.

I tried the state police, they said call the state marine police.

I tried the state marine police, they said they were too busy.

I encourage all of you who would like preserve the natural habitat and enjoy the waters of the mystic with out fear of being run over, or toppled over from the giant wakes, to contact the local representitives and local authorities.

MA Environmental Enforcement


Inland Enforcement


Arlington Senator


Arlington Rep (also on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee)


Arlington Rep





Medford Rep




Medford Rep



Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee

Anthony.Petruccelli@state.ma.us (Chairperson)

James.Eldridge@state.ma.us (vice chair)





Rep.Straus@Verizon.net chair


Rep.DenisGuyer@Hou.State.MA.US (vice chair)







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Did you know that all of the mystic river is a no wake zone? Law prohibits a wake within 150' of the shore.

Hi Shauna,

Thanks for highlighting this. There are a couple of us who live near the river and lakes who would be interested in collaborating on this effort.

In my immediate neighborhood (near the lower lake) people became so irritated with the antics of the jetskiers (noise, wake, beer bottles) that they had the streets nearest to the access posted as resident only this summer. This of course also impacts those who just wanted to walk the shoreline, fish etc.


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Hi Shauna and Barry,

A few notes:

The circular non-response episode is SOP for complaints here.

You'll find that abuse of powerboat privileges by both the MBC and the WBC to be the bigger threat to swimmers than the use of jetskis or others powerboats on the Upper.

The Lower is clearly open for all activity, regardless of wake.

Tufts' sailing program parkers at the restricted area adjacent the loading ramp will comply if carefully asked to leave a few open spaces for those unloading kayaks and canoes, but the Medford Boat Club parkers have uniformly been hostile when reminded that this strip is for boat access only.

Tufts non-officially tolerates the use of their wharf area for evening teenage revelers, who mostly WILL squelch an offending boomboxed car if reminded that they'll be not chased away ONLY if they're quiet.

The adjacent neighborhood street parking restrictions also stem from the almost-comical family grills sprouting up right on others' front yard sidewalks in recent summers. Sandy Beach had been widely advertised in the hispanic press, resulting in an overflow of the parking lots.

It seems that abutters were quite concerned with this spreading summerfest. At least it took their minds off the older gay trolling scene for awhile....

My biggest concerns lie with the hazards of misuse of the boat clubs' powerboats, littering, noise, and competing for parking with the Medford Bar&Babysitting Club.

From Dublin,


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I see there has been no change in the 5 years since I left Medford....unfortunately, that is the city.

Well I pick up the battle again. As I watch a jet skier race down the river at this very moment.

I encourage all to contact your local governement and demand this enforcement.

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