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Can you find your boat

bob budd

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That's Scott Camlin's Explorer at center rear, bright orange over white with yellow trim. Two boats in front of that, red over white with blue trim (looks more black in this shot) is my old Diamante.

You can see Scott's boat in several pictures here http://bit.ly/wz71L of the 2005 NSPN Leader Training.

Footnote -- I believe that was the last NSPN training in the original format, with Scott and Rick Crangle. Gee -- nostalgia, and also sadness for the demise of a fine trip leader training program that quite effectively supported the club's paddles for many years.

For extra credit, identify the locales in the training pictures!


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The boat with the white hull/yellow deck with all the stuff sticking out--I think is my old vela--les (is that the trip I got the nickname swearing ferret?)

Is that a nickname? I thought that was your real name, and Leslie was your nickname.



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The green w/yellow stripe and white bottom on the far rightis an Impex Assateague and is mine.

I think that my boat is next to Walters but I would love to see a high res version of the picture....

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