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> Tucks to Greasy and Back (Saturday 7/4), Brisk Pace


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An altogether exceptional paddle - why? No fog, no rain.

7 arrived at Tucks to launch, then we split into two groups. 3 of us headed out for Gloucester, riding easy with the wind at our backs, saying "going to be a slog home" all the way. As it was. But the sun was bright, the temperature perfect, the clouds artistically scudding, and the wave height mostly 2-3' (there were some higher ones in there too). We didn't see much in the way of tall ships, but we had some short boats of the motor variety keeping us alert and a-wake. Lunch with the holiday makers at Crescent Beach, all in all a great day.

Total 14.75 miles, pictures here:


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Four of us also headed towards Gloucester and made detours to check out Graves Beach, Kettle Island and went into Magnolia harbor for lunch. The wind had picked up considerably running at 15k with gusts to 20k so we decided to return and even tucked in behind Graves Island for a respite from the wind before moving on. With our more circuitous paddling we logged over 10 miles. All in all a glorious fourth of July to be on the water.

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