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a day without rain....

rick stoehrer

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not here in new seattle.

paddled outta odiorne down to wallis sands....not too much going on when we got there but it built a bit as the tide went out....we were fortunate in getting to the better break before a pack of ww guys.

so we surfed and sunned and had a grand ole time til the afternoon when we saw the front moving in from the w...so we headed up the coast and back in the mouth of little harbor and we were in the channel between clampit and goose when the wind changed a bit and picked up considerably and i said to the fella's..."so, that seems like the front about there" and then by the time we were going from leech's to shapleigh all hell broke loose for about 10 minutes.

hardest rain i've ever seen, let alone been in on the water! hit so hard i thought it mighta been hailing out....i was super, super happy to be wearing a hat. the wind gusts were crazy high and that caused that shallow bit of water to get quite bumpy very quickly. for 10 minutes it was almost exciting in there!

and by the time we hit shapleigh, the front passed and the sun was out by the time we landed....and then it rained again and then....yup, sunshine and clear skys at home.

gotta love NE.

so, 5 went out, 5 came back...there was fun in the middle and we all got wet....pretty standard really.

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Thanks for letting me tag along, I had a good time and chasing your longer boats all day gave me a good workout. I'm not sore but have that good tight feeling you get from more exercise than usual. Broadside winds all day and a major squall will do that. A bit of a rash from the neo but nice not to need a dry suit for once. The rain did a great job of washing the salt out of me, although I swear for the first few minutes the rain was actually salty too. That's a storm! Hard to tell which way is up when all directions are just as wet, salty, and murky, and paddle resistance is the same in the air as under water. It probably would have been easier paddling upside-down for that 10 minutes.

Accidental swim onto Wallis but that's what beaches are for. Everything got to dry out today for the first time in I don't know how long.

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