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Let me Thank Scott, Peter, Deb, Dave and Paula for a fun, informative and interactive workshop! ...And Bill H for his wonderful coffee machine contribution too! There were a lot of excited future kayak campers and veteen K-Cs abuzz with the possibilities!

One idea popped up that maybe it would be fun to have an NSPN Kayak Cooking Forum where we could share camping recipies that do well in travel by kayak! Then when you are starting to plan your trip, there'd be a forum to search for stuff you like and tips on packing the ingredients giving the length of your trip, etc... since we're so good at pot lucks, I'm surprised we haven't started this long ago! What do people think?

What a great idea! Paula's Pesto Chicken recipe sounded easy, delicious, and very manageable on any day of a long trip. (Paula-can you post the recipe here? I think others would love it as well.)

Who can top that dish? Yumm! :P

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