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Salem Sound 4/24


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Kevin and I launched from Forest River park in salem shortly after 2pm. Air temp was in the low seventies, water still brass monkeys, winds light. We crossed the inlet to the west side of Marblehead and rounded the point for a brief pit stop on Crowninshield island (thats Brown island for you Marblehead'ers). From here we decided to head back to Forest river by way of several islands in Salem Sound. Boat traffic was very light; although you could see signs of the recreational boat business beginning to stir, anticipating a warm weekend. We spotted a couple of kayakers and some sailboats.

We made the one mile crossing to Childrens island, then Eagle and finally Coney where we landed to make a quick phone call. The bird life was impressive, from the egrets roosting in the trees on Eagle to the loons, oyster catchers, cormorants etc. Leaving Coney, the breeze picked up noticeably and we changed our original plan to cross to the willows and follow the Salem coast back to the put in, to getting into the lee of Marblehead. From there it was a slog back to forest river with the wind on our beam. Despite his claims of not yet having found his sea legs Kevin set a brisk pace and we were back about 5pm.

By the numbers, just shy of 10 statute miles; 56% at 4-5 mph, 30% at 5-6mph.



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What a difference a lee makes! LeonG and I met at Lanes Cove yesterday. The flag was stiff with a 15kNW wind. White caps everywhere and 2 foot chop. We hightailed it over to Tuck's Point where we played around the Miseries, House, and Ram. The wind off the land was warming and mild.

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