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Gel coat repair -working temperatures?

Phil Allen

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Hi Folks-

Just noticed that I chipped a quarter size piece of gel coat off of my skeg box last weekend. As the temp keeps going up and down, I was wondering if anybody knew the minimal temperature for gel coat (small repair tube version) to cure at? Or at least to cure within ~12-24 hours.



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Think about shading the work area. The heat and sun can prematurely cause the epoxies to "kick". Sometimes they get very hot and melt plastic containers. I can't say if glassing is more or less an issue than gelcoat.

The only time epoxy will get hot enough to be a problem is if you mix it in a fairly large quantity in a deep container like a cup. If mixed in small quantities and/or poured into a shallow container (like a pan) that exposes lots of surface area, it's not a problem.

Gelcoat generates some heat, but not much.

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