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Looking for input re: Prijon Kodiak


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Now that I know the volume and deck height of my kayak are not sufficient ( a 16" Avatar - First clue was needing a shoe horn to get in and a can opener to get out) I am looking around for a replacement.

I sat in a Prijon Kodiak - anyone out there have experience with this boat they can share?...maybe, even lend one for an afternoon for a test paddle?


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I noticed you also posted your boat in the classified's here. No luck with the dealer?

Be sure to check the Paddling.net product reviews. Sometimes there are good reviews based on relevant information, other times you just get happy newbie comments, so take it with a grain of salt.


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If you want a really nice trad, brit style sea kayak, roomy too, ask anyone in this club, Liz has one..the Gulfstreme is a great boat..I have too many kayaks and I never do much sea kayaking any more so I need to sell it.

Give it a chance and so much better than the prijon, again ask anyone in this club.


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If possible, try out several boats on the water to see what feels good to you. Not only the comfort and fit, but how the boat handles, responds, etc. This will tell you a lot more than merely sitting in the boat on the dealer's floor. Used boats can be excellent deals, especially composite ones, as they will last a long time and hold their resale value quite well for when you're ready for that "next" boat. The two mentioned elsewhere in this thread are good examples.

Good luck and have fun!

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i loved the way the prijon kodiak handeled, especially in a turbulent sea. i would suggest you paddle one. i would recommend it without reservation if it was the right kayak for you. you need to paddle it and other boats in its class to determine that.if a club member does not have one then i believe you can demo one at mountain road trading post, raymond,nh. prijon's web site is www.wildnet.com. for dealers click purchase put in state and it gives dealers. call the dealers as they did not all demo. the trading post let me take the kayak down the street to the local lake.

i did not purchase the kodiak. i am paddling an impex serenity and love it.

i would suggest you try the impex models(www.impexkayak.com). the serenity(w-23")(not to be confused with the serenity sport) and the susquehanna(w-22"). they have very large cockpits and the depth is about 13", which gives you a lot of room for your legs. charles river canoe and kayak had these models for demoing in newton.

i did not like there seats and have replaced mine.

if you would like to demo it e-mail me. i live at conomo point in essex. 4 houses from the water. we can schedule a time for you to try it.

good luck. paddle a lot of boats in the type of water you want to paddle in.


Impex Serenity


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Since you're paddling an Avatar (a brit type boat, whatever that means) I assume you want another boat with a skeg. I'm also assuming you want to stick with plastic.

I would try a VCP Avocet, Necky Chatham 17, P&H Capella, and a VCP Aquanaut (when they finally come out in plastic). I tried a Chatham 17, I was way too big for it but it seems like a fun boat.

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