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Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland


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This Thursday Evening!!! March 26, 2009

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Gould Barn, Topsfield, MA

Scott Cunningham from Coastal Adventures will give a slide presentation on sea kayaking opportunities in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Don't miss the fascinating slide show and stories told of previous journeys! If you've ever dreamed of exploring Nova Scotia and Newfoundland's islands this workshop is a must-see!


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Thanks for the reminder Heidi. And just to clarify, the presentation is THURSDAY, March 26th (not Wednesday).

After seeing Newfoundland on the Eastern Horizon's DVD I am jazzed about going there some time and want to learn more. I also heard first hand that a fellow NSPN member is scooping out interest in pulling together a group trip.

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Scott Cunningham did an awesome job last night. His slide show was entertaining (the smoking crab) and inspiring. I don't think it takes much to get a bunch of sea kayakers excited and the paddling opportunities are varied and vast for all skill levels; protected, rock gardening, tidal races and surfing. I never realized how many little islands there are off the coast of Nova Scotia just waiting to be explored. The scenery is breath taking. Newfoundland was absolutely stunning with sea stacks, paddling with ice bergs and whales.

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