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What follows is a personal statement, but I hope it fits the goals of others in the club.


In the last 24 hours there have been two very inappropriate posting to the "Classes and Courses" threads. Each has attacked the writer of a previous posting rather than the ideas contained in their posting.

As a moderator of very large message board on a completely unrelated subject, I know how quickly this can get out of hand. On the other hand, I know if those offenders are quickly told of the standards and expectations, this usually stops quickly.


On our message board, we eliminate those posting that are clearly inappropriate and send a comment similar to the one below:

This type of comment is inappropriate on any message board and particularly a club board such as ours. Much more is accomplished when we post comments about "ideas" rather than "people." There is nothing wrong with disagreement, but there is something wrong with disrespect, particularly in a club that goes out of its way to accommodate all of our individual quirks. Perhaps an apology is in order.

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A lively discussion is a perfectly healthly thing, but when it turns into name calling and personel attacks it is inappropriate.

It really depresses me when I see bickering like this on our message board. These messages are not just read buy us, I am amazed by all the people I meet who spend time on our website. Sometimes when I see a thread degenerate into name calling and insults I just want to remove the whole thread. We should all read what we've written before we click on that post button.

Not to so sound corny but like we wrote in our brochures "Our website is our home, come visit us" We are currently making a mess of our home

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