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Paging Bethany!


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I think it was you who brought the clay bead to the last meeting?

I thought I'd kill some time being "crafty" while I await delivery of my boat!

I didn't write down the type of clay, but just bought some "Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay". It comes in small blocks about 1-1/2" x 2" x 1/2" thick. Is this the right kind? They had another type, same brand (Sculpey), but I couldn't tell what the difference was except that it cost more.

I have some questions:

*How long do you bake them?

*I think you said you used a Bic-type pen for the hole? Will this slide out easily before you bake it?

*What quantity makes sense for the standard deck line set-up?



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I used Fimo, which is the one that costs more -- I think it had the color I wanted. I believe they are essentially the same product, both polymer clay you can harden in the oven. It should say on the back of the clay how long to cook it. It's probably 20 mins or so.

My very specialized and talented high tech process (ha ha) was this: mash some colors together on the kitchen table, make some amusing sculptures then smush them up and roll the clay into a useful cylindrical shape, cut or pull off a bit, stick the nearest thing to you that can make a hole through the clay, then if you need to, move it around to widen the hole to approximate a size slightly bigger than your deck lines, roll it on the table to even the bead out some. put 'em on some foil and cook 'em.

As for how many you'd like, it depends on your deck line set up and where you like to shove things under your lines. At least two far from where you're sitting are useful for easy shoving of your paddle under them. The rest is up to you. :) If you're replacing your deck lines at the same time, there is some nice reflective line around.


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