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Waltham Pool Session - Head Count!


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I'm not sure of Gillian's sources, and I appreciate her marketing efforts (!), but her unofficial count missed a few heads. As of now (Thursday evening), the official count is: 1 paid; 6 planning to come but payment not yet received; and 2 maybes. Here's who:

Florrie (paid)







Cathy (maybe)

me (maybe: if the session fills, I'll just spot)

So there's likely still room for a couple more. I haven't heard anything from Leslie, so she's not (yet) on the list.

If anyone has questions, or wants a remaining slot (please don't just show up unannounced!), please email me at the address listed in the calendar listing. Thanks!


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Please consider this a gentle plea from a pool registrar who's juggling input from several directions at once, and doesn't want to disappoint anyone ...

I just want folks to be clear -- and maybe they are (in which case, ignore me) -- that posting interest in a pool session in a message thread is only an expression of interest. As a registrar, I can only sign up people who follow the club's protocol for registering (described in the calendar listings), on a first-come, first-served basis. (It may be a hassle, but it allows everyone to be clear about their status, and we don't end up turning away any unhappy paddlers.)

For tomorrow night's session, in addition to the 7 people signed up, I'm aware of 4 other people who've expressed interest in attending. I'm sure these "maybes" are struggling with their schedules and understand they're in limbo until they're able to clear the time and contact me to sign up, and that in the meantime the remaining slots might go to other registrants. (If the "maybes" want to contact me with a phone number, I'm happy to update them Saturday afternoon if they'd like.)

Thanks ...


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