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Spring WW School.


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I took it last Spring and it really is a blast. Very much a beginners class just so your expectations are appropriate. I suspect that if you've had Zoar training, there won't be too much covered here that you haven't already been exposed to. Great seal launchings from the snow/ice covered river banks!

Carl C.

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For anyone who is interested and doesn't want to do this in April; the Boston AMC chapter has multiple whitewater sessions in June & July. I've taken this as well as the NH AMC class. The Boston class spends 2 evenings on flatwater and 2 days on the river(usually Fifebrook section on the Deerfield). And because the water is warmer you can spend more time doing self rescues; in the NH class that I took the goal was to get people out of the water asap. We spent an hour in one section of the river doing more difficult ferries until everyone swam at least once.

One other thing; If you don't have your own boat the Boston AMC has a more current fleet of rental boats. You can use rental boats on future AMC trips; rental fees are $10 -$15 a day I think.

Boston AMC website - doesn't look like school dates are listed for 2009 yet.


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