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Paddling partner(s)?


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Is it kosher to post for paddling buddies on here? New member here & relatively new to the North Shore (Newbury), though I've paddled a bunch in the Annisquam, Marblehead/Misery Islands & Rockport. I'm looking to organize a "leaderless" group (small, 2-3) paddle.

I'm an experienced open water paddler, mostly Casco, Sheepscot, and Linekin Bays in ME. Willing to work around other's abilities but ideally looking for folks at roughly the same experience level as mine. (Note, I looked at the Level II class this Saturday, but I'd rather get right out on the water instead of getting roped into a beginner class....)

Drop me a line if interested and we'll see if we can get something going.

Greg Cavanaugh


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Why don't you stop by Chebacco Lake in Hamilton, Town Ramp, this Thursday night from 5-8 PM. This would give you and us a chance to meet and pick a day,departure point,destination,and duration etc for a trip.Bring your kayak as we will be paddling.


Impex Serenity


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