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Netiquette/MITA Reminder/NSPN Communication Guidelines

Bill Gwynn

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We have recently updated our NSPN Message Board Rules. You can view them by clicking the "Board Guidelines" button above, or here is a direct link to them

. We continue to strive to make this message board a great place to visit, where everyone is welcome. On behalf of the moderating team here, thanks for your participation.

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It's been a while since this has been posted here, so a gentle reminder for members of the Maine Island Trail Association:

While the public islands on the Maine Island Trail are, well, public and anyone can visit, the private islands are placed on the Trail by their owners with the understanding they will be listed only in the MITA Guidebook for use by current MITA members. That means that we should refrain from mentioning private islands in public discussions, such as postings on the NSPN message board. While some island owners would have no problem, others may feel their property is being publicized to non-members in a way they didn't expect or want.

It's easy to be enthusiastic about the Trail and want to talk about it with other boaters. We just need to do it in a way that honors MITA's commitments to the generous owners who agree to let total strangers enjoy their islands.

Any MITA member, including me, would be happy to chat about MITA sites offline via email. Or simply call the MITA office for advice.

Thanks for your consideration and support.


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NSPN Communication Guidelines

The Board of Directors wants to reaffirm our message board guidelines and our general expectations for the manner in which we communicate, both on our website and message boards and in person.

Our common interest brings us together on our website and in person, often in new and unfamiliar environments so it is vital that each of us feels comfortable and welcome and respected. Therefore, any behavior or language that is determined to be not respectful will not be tolerated.

To review our policy on web conduct, please refer to our “Board Guidelines”, pinned to the top of the general message board under “Netiquette/MITA reminder”. If you have a concern with anything you have read on our message board or wish to report anything that you feel is in violation of these guidelines, please contact the web administrator at webmaster@nspn.org.

Please contact a board member if you would like to to discuss your experience with NSPN:

Thank you.

Peter Brady, President

On behalf of

The NSPN Board of Directors


Bob Levine CLERK

Prudence Baxter

Blaine Bjornstad

Rob Hazard

Doug Mogill

Nancy Priest

Sal Puglisi

Katherine Ryan

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