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Quick shout out...


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Once again the Holiday Party turned out to be a raging success, and it wouldn't have been as entertaining and as fun as it was, if we didn't have all the great members that pitched in and helped make it such a great start to the holiday season!

Special & heartfelt thanks goes out to...

Kevin, Brain and Gillian for being a terrific team of emcees! ...and to Peter for his very entertaining presentation of the School of Hard Knocks award!

Also thanks to Gillian for doing the shopping and coordinating donations for the raffle prizes and creating the powerpoint trivia game...not to mention the quick-on-her-feet manufacturing raffle tickets when we realized we didn't have the roll of tickets in our piles of stuff from storage!

A big thanks to Bill and Suz for their donations (coffee maker and kokatat gear) to the raffle!

Again to Brian for collecting all the photos for the slide show and sifting through the 1500(!) photos to create a compilation that we enjoyed all night, as well as coordinating the visual aid for Peter's presentation of the School of Hard Knocks award!

Thanks to everyone that sent their photos (over 1500!!!) to Brian to illustrate and summarize another great year of paddling fun with great friends!

Thanks to Suwin for preparing the School of Hard Knocks Award ahead of time, and for all her hard work decorating.

Thanks to Cathy for managing the bin o' nspn merchandise aka "the coffin" and the "pallbearers" that helped her load that heavy beast into her car at the end of the night! Hopefully we lightened the load a little last night! ;)

A big Thank you to the "NSPN Catering Coop" As always, the food was amazing! There was even california rolls this year! So much was brought that we had to add a last minute dessert table because there wasn't enough room to accomodate all the goodies coming in!

And a huge thanks to everyone that pitched in to pack it all back up again and anyone who took bags of trash out with them at the end of the night, Leaving the barn as immaculate as we found it. You should all know that the Gould Barn gave us the rental at half price this year as a thank you for being such good customers and always take good care of the facility... Thank you for helping keep that great relationship going!

I will try to post pictures soon! Happy Holidays everyone!

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And Heidi--thank you for all your hard work in making the event so much fun--I guess it is good news that you even recognized me as the "swearing ferret" --

It was so nice to see so many wonderful people last nite and to be able to catch up with such nice friends-such events reminds me that pleasure of paddling is not only being on the water--but the people I have met-Happy Holidays to all--les

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Brava! Your energetic and cheerful support of so many club activities continues to amaze.

The Party was fun as always. It was great to see so many familiar faces.

Sorry I couldn't attend early to string lights.

Best warm (and restful) holidays to you this winter.


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Holiday photos have finally been posted to the gallery! :rolleyes:

They are low res for quick upload and viewing... Email me if there happens to be one you want emailed to you at regular res! Some are a little blurry because I was experimenting with the settings on my camera, but basically I think they do a pretty good job of showing a fun time with friends! Can't wait till next year! Enjoy!



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