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No Kayaks Allowed

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We were paddling about 50 yards off Wingarsheek Beach, and a Female (she may have been a lifeguard) kept hollaring at us (we could barely hear her) that there were no kayaks allowed here. We weren't anywhere near any swimmers, and I was never aware of any "No Kayaks" rule before. What really ticked me off was there were hundreds of power boats anchored all along the beach, some of them much closer than us. We did move, I don't want to give us Kayakers a bad name. What really stinks, is that it's a great spot where it's shallow and sandy, a great place to practice skulling, strokes, rolls, whatever, which is just what we were going to do. Like I said, we did move, feeling like social outcasts. Is anyone aware of this rule at Wingarsheek?

It was a great day for a paddle, we put in at Lanes Cove, went down to Goose Cove, stopped at Dirt's Dog's for lunch. Where did you go today?

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There is about a 1/4 mile stretch of beach at the end of Atlantic Street that is a public beach and would be Life Guard monitored.It faces the Ipswich Bay. However, there should not have been any boats anchored out in front of it.

From Farm Point west the beach is private at high water. At low water it is open to the general public and is not Life Guard monitored.

The part of the beach that is in the Annisquam River is also open to the general public with no Life Guard monitoring. Many power boats go on the Annisquam River side of Winngearsheek Beach and use the beach area. They are able to drink alcholic beverages on the beach with no restrictions(no patrolls).

Cranes is patrolled and thus monitored for alcholic beverages which are not allowed. The motor boat crowd that frequents this area is usually very boystrus etc.(In short they give boating a bad name).

If I been with you I could have taken you in and introduced you to a lot of them. You probably did the right thing by moving on.

It sounds as though you had a great day other than this small incident. That is a great area to Paddle and explore.

Were you able to ride the current into or out of Goose Cove? When the tide really rips that can be quite a ride under the bridge.

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