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Retractable clips


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I just ran across this item (different brand, but same thing) in Kinkos, though I'm sure they sell them lots of places. It might be just the thing to attach a radio, knife, cell phone or other valuable accessories to a pfd or boat, to avoid a dangly line when not in use. I doubt if these will stand up to more than a season of salt water, but at the price, who cares -- much cheaper than the fancy diver's models.

I'll try them out and see how they do. The snap button / vinyl strap connection seems solid, but I have some doubts about the belt clip. Actually, you could just cut off the vinyl strap and replace it with a small loop of thin nylon cord. When extended, the line seems to take quite a bit of pressure without failing -- either the extension mechanism or the line itself. But I haven't sacrificed one yet to determine the breaking point.

If they work, I see I can get a bag of 25 for about $1.35 each. If enough folks are interested, I'll buy a bag and hand them out for cost. The pictured ones extend to 24", but the ones I'd buy are 30".



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