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Tucks Point to Magnolia to Bakers


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Leon and I left Tuck's Point and headed east to Magnolia Harbor where we stopped for a snack. Then went out to Bakers with the wind and waves at our back and returned around the Miseries. Didn't quite make it to the Dry Breakers due to time constraints on my end, but would have loved to see the seals. I think Leon would have paddled another 20 miles. My GPS ran out of battery power before we landed back at Tucks, but I know we went at least 11.2 miles with a max speed of 5.9 mph, average speed 3.5 mph. 20-30 minutes were unaccounted for and my estimate from the chart was 12.5 miles.

Only one scary time when a large power boat was quickly bearing down on us from dead ahead of us. The sun was almost behind us and based on the boat coming directly at us, then slightly to our left, then at us, then slightly to our right, then at us, then our left and so on, he did not appear to see us and made it impossible to make a decision as to which direction to go to get out of his way. So we waved our paddles and hoped that would help. Turning the boats sideways may have helped increase our visibility, but we couldn't know which way to face to be in a position to move our of his way.

In the end, we did not get plowed over and it was a beautiful day on the water, nice company, nice conversation and a good workout for me.


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