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Casco Bay Paddle, Sunday 8/31


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A group of 12 paddlers met up at the Dolphin Marina in Harpswell, ME for Ed's 10am Casco Bay trip. There were representatives from SMSKN, NSPN, and Seacoast. The weather was beautiful but a bit too windy for us to do as much island hopping as we had hoped for. Setting out from the marina, we headed into a stiff wind for our first crossing to Whaleboat Island. We gathered there and continued up the protected east side. After poking our heads around the northern tip, it was quickly decided not to continue on to the Goslings. We found a beautiful little cove on our way back to have lunch in and then headed back to Harpswell Neck.

We paddled down and around South Harpswell and stopped at a beach on the east side to enjoy the view and to scout out the restaurant nearby. We then headed back down and around the point where we broke into 2 groups. Group 1 made the crossing back to the launch point where they did some rolling practice and group 2 followed the coastline north to take the long way home. Along the way, group 2 found Tide Mill Cove and played a little in the strong current that was flowing out of the cove. Mary B. gave us some good pointers on how to play there. We then headed back to to the marina and out to Allen's Seafood for a bite to eat before making the long drive home.

Here's a link to photos taken from land. I've really got to get a waterproof camera soon. http://picasaweb.google.com/suwinchan2008/Harpswell83108

A big thank you to Ed Lawson for organizing this trip. The Maine islands are absolutely gorgeous and it was well worth the long drive!

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Thanks to Ed for organizing and Suwin for the awesome pics.

It was great to paddle with everyone. The trip was an absolute blast, full of sun, wind and laughs. If I could do it over, I would apply more lip balm and pack a tent. One day on Casco Bay is just not enough for this paddler. :D

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I'm glad folks had a good time even if it was a shortened trip. It was an enjoyable time with a diverse collection of pleasant folks. Will have to do something like it again before winter.

FYI, a close buoy in a more protected location showed sustained winds around 15Kts all day with gusts up to 26Kts so from a wind perspective I guess it was at least a L3+ trip. Windy enough for this timid woodland creature, but the down wind/quartering runs were fun.

Ed Lawson

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Even with my truck breaking down after the paddle it was once again fun to see and paddle new liquid terrain and fun to meet new people whose conversations were always of interest. Ed's buoy readings were telling of the fact it was a blustery one. Having messed with making boats it was great to meet Fred Randall who has built 18 skin on frames and was paddling one of his creations for the day. Must be nice to have to only lift 28lbs. at the end of the day. If anybody has the opportunity to be in Falmouth Me. on 9/18/2008 Fred is going to be giving a presentation for SMSK on the topic of building a Skin-On-Frame replica of a Greenland Qajaq at the Falmouth Library.

"Fred Randall will demonstrate how to build replicas of historical Qajaqs from Greenland. While the tools are modern, the construction methods replicate those used by the Inuits. Fred has built close to 18 replicas spanning Qajaqs used in the 1600's to present and from regions along the western and southern coast of Greenland.

Fred hopes to bring in, set up, and actually do some real work on one of the SOF boats he is building."



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