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Mounting IC-M88 Radio


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I know a few of us bought ICOM IC-M88 VHF radios last year. Anyone found an easy way to mount it on their PFD? I have looked at Brian's great page on mouting a Standard but the cradle for that is different. The bungee idea makes sense for the bottom. However, the vertical belt clip (large alligator clip) with no slot to run webbing through makes this mount harder.

Thanks for all the help so far! As always NSPN comes through!


Many part all over the place.

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The M88 fits in the HX460 clip, so I never changed it when I changed radios. Looking at the M88 clip, the only difference is that it's a bit longer. It will mount in exactly the same manner as the HX460 clip, using a tie wrap to keep it on the shoulder strap and a shim to keep it from sliding on the tie wrap.

Another option with either of these radios would be to drill a hole or two in the bracket and use stainless bolts/nuts or keyposts to attach them. You can insert a bolt or keypost through webbing by spreading it with a tapered awl or punch. That way, you don't damage or weaken the strap.

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