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figuring out tidal currents?

Phil Allen

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What's the best way (short of local or published knowledge) to estimate the flow and extent of tidal currents? For example, what's the best way to figure out which way the water's going in the Annisquam river. From the tide table, it looks like the north side is ~25 minutes later than Gloucester harbor, so would that suggest that the current runs from the harbor to Annisquam on the flood?



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Try this link.


Choose the year, then the state, then the geographical area, then the location, then scroll to the correct month. It tells you pretty much all you need to know. In the case on Blynman Canal, it flows 310 degrees True on the flood. You can aslo look at the Harbor Entrance as well as the Annisquam Light. IIRC the break where direction changes in the Annisquam is somewhere around the bridge.

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