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Rockport launch


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I am meeting some friends who are renting from NSKOC on bearskin neck in Rockport this sunday. I planned to launch somewhere close by and paddle over to meet them. I know front beach is not good in summer, can I launch from back beach ? I wont need parking as I am being dropped off. Or will granite pier be a better option ?



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I can think of no reason why you should not launch at Back Beach -- you may, likely as not, find yourself in the company of scuba divers if you do this over the weekend; but keep to the northern corner of the beach and you'll not be in anyone's way.

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I took my niece and sister out for a paddle last week and they rented from there as well. You can use the very same small beach at NSK because it is municipal and open to anyone. Really the only catch is that the people at NSK said that my kayak couldn't sit on the sand for more than 10 minutes per order of the city. That was no problem because I waded in knee deep and floated it a foot off shore.

They were also great about letting me clip my boat onto their giant line of boats while I was getting things from the car, etc.

The way to the small beach is just past the tuna wharf where NSK is... there is a small opening with stone stairs down to the beach. This is where your friends will get into their kayaks.

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