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Two Weeks Seakayaking in Newfoundland


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Newfoundland Trip Report

Above is the link to the report for the trip to Newfoundland that Mark Stephens and I took. It's long but it's almost entirely photos. At the end is a link to the google pedometer map, for anyone who is interested.

I can't say enough about how wonderful this trip was. Nova Scotia looked very plain-vanilla in comparison. Newfoundland was rugged, big, wild, remote. And blessedly warm (not the water though - it was at about 40 degrees F). We saw very few people, no kayaks, and only a few boats. Mostly, the bays and islands were all ours. Mark insisted on carrying enough kitchen gear to outfit a four-star restaurant, a fact which struck me as absurd until he started cooking. We had the best meals I've ever eaten on any camping trip.

We could easily have spent another week in the Bay of Exploits. We could easily have spent another month in Notre Dame Bay. We could easily have spent the next year exploring the wonders of the Newfoundland coastline. I hope that we have the chance to return someday.

Please enjoy the pictures! I hope that you too have a chance to paddle there.


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Thirty years ago I bicycled up the west coast of Newfoundland while leading an adventure trip. I have many fond memories of that hauntingly beautiful land, including some off-season moose hunting into the brand new Gros Morne Natl. Park with a couple locals I could barely understand.

Your exquisite photos capture the stark and powerful beauty of that land and have convinced me to return. This time with a kayak.

Many thanks for sharing your artistry.

Blaine B.

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Stupendous -- the place, the trip and your pictures! Thanks for sharing it all.

And thanks for the warning about the bugs. Sorry to say that would be a serious impediment for me. Bugs like me altogether too much -- I'd be a mass of bites in a day; probably ready for hospitalization after a week.


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