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Any interest in Theater Paddle?


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Five of us recently did a scouting trip from the Greasy Pole put in to the Gloucester Stage Co. on Smith Cove to see if it would be possible to land there. It is and with teamwork the kayaks could easily be gotten over the shore bank.

Would anyone be interested in this kind of trip:

Launch at around 1 PM, paddle to Smith Cove, stow the kayaks (I can check on storing them in the basement of the building if people are reluctant to leave them in the staff parking area), see a play, hop back on the water and paddle as long as we feel like it - enjoy sunset, etc. on the harbor, have a picnic somewhere....

The first Saturday matinee (3:00 PM) of each play run is a "Pay What You Can" performance. Literally - no ticket price or suggested donation. The point is for people to see each play early in the run to get word-of-mouth advertising going.

Here are the remaining dates, all at 3:00 PM:

Sat. July 19 - Going to St. Ives

Sat. August 9 - Doubt: A Parable

Sat. Aug. 30 - The Woman in Black

Here is more info: http://www.gloucesterstage.com

If there is interest, I or someone else can post the trip on the trip board.


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