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Any ideas on "pocket"?

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I have been lurking for a while and very much enjoy reading the postings. I was refered to this site by Mr. Bob Burnett who I have had the pleasure of paddling with here in the Great Northwest.

Now I would like to ask all of you experts the following.

I have a Lotus PFD that I like fine expect the pocket in it too small. The vest has a lash tab on the left chest that I was thinking I would like to use to attach a small pouch to hold my phone (in a w/p bag) flairs, etc. Something no bigger than an ammo pouch I think.

I have been looking, online, and at stores and army surplus stores with no luck. Everything I have found is too big.

Has anyone come across anything that might fit the bill?

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Last year I got a set of 3 heavy nylon zippered pouches (4x6, 5-1/2x7, 7x8) in the hardware section of my local Sears. They're remarkably well made, and feature a plastic swivel clip on one corner. $6 bucks! They're navy & black.

You could sew the appropriate one as a "patch" on your vest. I'm on my way to my local store - I'll see if they still have these (I have my doubts)

I use the big one to hold a few essential tools; the medium hold a set of FRS radios, and ther small a notebook and some digital camera cards and spare batteries. Good Luck!

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...and you still paddle? hardy soul...

kind of along the lines of your question and not pockets per se but...

i know that lotus/mti and others make the "backpacks" you can put on the back pfd's to hold a water bladder. if you are limber enough, you could use that to stow your gear along with carrying a water bladder. certainly not as handy as pocket but if you can reach - lotsa room.


if you use a waist mounted tow rig, you could add pockets to that from the aftermarket section of hiking gear from ems/rei or something along those lines? i think macgregor makes some aftermarket pockets that are designed to attach to backpacks but you could probably rig them along the webbing of a waist mounted tow. of course, you'd have to add a bit of flotation to it lest it sink like a stone once you discard the tow and then of course your calls would be forwarded to a Mr. djonesatlocker/ilostmyphone.net

if you use a boat mounted tow, even better - you could use a small fanny pack?

vaya con dios if you are trolling the same waters as bob!

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Pockets are great to have to carry extra stuff, but always remember that anything you add to the FRONT of your PFD could hinder your getting back into the boat on a rescue. I would be more likely to add a Lotus backpack, as I use, or a small Eagle Creek belt pocket to the straps on the SIDE of the vest.


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