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Neck gasket replacement


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Okay, I know this has been discussed before, but I am

unable to obtain any results using the search. Amigo's

drysuit repair quotes $45 to replace the neck gasket on

my (brand-new, but old-stock Kokatat G-Tex Meridian)

suit I just picked up Sat. This is exclusive of

shipping, insurance, etc.

I seem to remember other means of having this done

locally. NESC doesn't have time for this, as they are

in the midst of busy season and moving things about.

I discovered a failed zipper on my less-than-one-year

old Gore-tex suit and took it back for a refund. Found

a great deal on a replacement suit that had been in

stock for a couple years, but has a failed neck seal.

Anybody have a better suggestion? I would be willing to

do wrist gasket replacements, but replacing a neck

without ever having done even those seems a bit much.


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I've done both Linda's and mine. It's pretty easy. The best DIY instructions are the ones on Kokatat's site. I made the rings and disk out of plywood in anticipation of needing them again in a few years. I shot pics of the process and of doing latex socks, but forgot to post them. I'll put together another Webshots album today.

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