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HOW TO...tide/current Sunday's Paddle


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The following tide info is provided for those coming to the "HOW TO...." event on Sunday. It's the baseline for what we should expect to find in terms of tide/current on the water. The impact of tide levels and currents will be something discussed in terms of impact on trip planning and conditions found on the water. Often a portion of a coast presents two different trips depending upon whether you are near flood or ebb and narrow channels are also very different places depending up the tide current.

Tides at Jaffery Point just outside Little Harbor for the 13th are:

High 8:25

Low 14:14

High 20:35

Tide currents often play a big role in what the water is doing and our paddling experience, but they are much more varied than tide levels and can vary greatly in terms of velocity, timing and direction within relatively short distances.

Here is the tide current info for the mouth of Portsmouth Harbor near Wood Island and for the entrance to Little Harbor:

Portsmouth Harbor

Max flood 7:15 .5Kts

Slack 9:45

Max ebb 13:15 1.3Kts

Slack 16:15

Little Harbor entrance

Max flood 6:15 .3 Kts

Slack 8:45

Max ebb 12:15 .6Kts

Slack 15:15

Tide info can be found online at:


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