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ROTC photo question

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Hey Brenda- its www.pictage.com. The pics aren't up yet as I just checked, but you can have the pictage folks notify you via email when they are posted.

Great race, spectacular finish!

Alex L

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I didn't know that was you! I was the guy chasing you! You were my "rabbit" to beat at the finish. I thought I had you, but apparently not. How about a rematch?!? ;p

Good racing with 'ya,


P.S. as a fellow professional photographer, I would suggest that you put up a "Images copyright xxxx" message on your page. That wouldn't necessarily keep him/her from having you remove their pix from your page, but it at least shows you care about their licensing rights.

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Sean, holy cow!!! You know, I saw the last name on the overall results list and thought, "hmm, that name sounds so familiar..." *lol*

You really had me going, what a great finish! :-D

Funny, I thought it was the guy to my right that had everyone riled up, it was only after I took a gander at the photos that I realized I was racing a whole other paddler! *lol*

A rematch? Hmmm, well, had the finish line been two seconds farther, I think I know who'da won! ;-D *lol*

Oh and thanks on the copyright tip, I'll get right on it! :)


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